In an increasingly competitive global market, businesses seek capable workers that are adapted to a globalized world. Among sought-after qualities in employees, fluency in multiple languages is an indispensable asset. French is one of the more valuable languages to master.

Not only is French the third most widely spoken language in the business world, it’s also the official language of the francophone world, which is comprised of 83 countries on 5 continents, containing 16% of the world’s population.

Certifying your ability to work in French in your job sector, no matter your level (A1- beginner to C1 – advanced), will make you a more valuable job candidate. Add a Diploma in French for Professions to your CV today!

The examinations are divided into two parts:

1- Understanding and processing information (between 45 mins. and 2 hrs. depending on the level)

Processing written information

Processing oral information

Written communication

2- Oral interaction (between 5 and 15 min depending on the level, including preparation time)

Two situational activities

The levels offered

LevelsA1 BasicA2 Basic +B1 IndependantB2 Independant +C1 Proficient
International RelationsXXX
Tourism, Hospitality, CateringXXX

Please note: Diplomas in French for Professions are also recognized by the French Ministry of the Interior to certify your level in French language within an application procedure for a residence permit or naturalization from the French State.

Unlike the TEF, those diplomas are valid for life and will bring an added-value to your CV.