Developed by the Arab World Institute in close partnership with France Education International, the CIMA, International Certificate for Proficiency in Arabic, is the first internationally recognized certification that assesses your proficiency in modern standard Arabic.

You want to assess your level in modern standard Arabic and obtain a certificate which would officially validate your profiencicy?

A document that you could provide to an employer or future employer? This test is for you !

The test is made up of four mandatory modules totaling three hours in all:

Listening comprehension: multiple choice test (45 to 50 minutes),

Reading comprehension: multiple choice test (50 minutes),

Writing: 4 texts of 30 to 100 words to write (1 hour)

Speaking: speaking about 4 topics provided by an examiner (11 minutes).

The Arab World Institute designs and corrects all of the CIMA tests.

The candidate receives a certificate confirming his/her level valid for 3 years.

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