Date Published: 9 May '23

3 Benefits Of Early Learning

Nowadays, we hear a lot about early language learning. Let’s have a look at the benefits of this type of teaching.

It is critical to be exposed to a foreign language at a young age. The earlier the child begins to learn, the better. Several studies have found that at three years old, the child has the intellectual flexibility to imitate, learn, and blend into the language and culture of the other. A child learns a new language by singing, playing, and having fun. These circumstances are ideal for encouraging learning and memorizing. Later on, adolescents develop remarkable absorption and cognitive abilities.

But what are the real benefits of early learning?

1. It helps you overcome your shyness

As a French teacher, I often observe young children and adolescents in their learning environment. A youngster absorbs rhythm, emphasis, intonation, and pronunciation by listening to the sounds of the language. It is obvious that one enters a foreign language more easily when one is very young and confident, and one is not as affected by social image as one can be around puberty, and particularly adulthood. My adult learners are frequently fearful of criticism and others’ opinions, in my experience…but everyone makes mistakes!

2. It offers greater open-mindedness

Immersion in other cultures is unavoidable when learning a language. Cultural characteristics related with the language are picked up by young people not only during courses, but also during immersion experiences. I enjoy sharing moments with my students in the classroom by playing with cultural stereotypes… as we grow older, we become more accepting and have a greater understanding of the world around us.

3. It boosts your career prospects

Speaking a foreign language provides children with the keys to future professional success. Indeed, the world market is increasingly asking for multilingual individuals. This is also vital if your child intends to settle and work in another country. Growing up, learning a new foreign language provides amazing prospects for interaction, travel and professional opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

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