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Alliance Française of Saudi Arabia provides highly professional teaching services to corporate clients, Embassies & International Organisations to fulfil their business objectives.

All the French language training can be provided on the companies / organisations premises through groups or individual courses, or online. Courses are scheduled at your convenience (duration of the course, number of classes each week, schedule & location).
The learning programme is customised to meet your specific needs; focusing either on general French or French for specific purposes such as Business French, French for the Hospitality Industry or French for tourism.

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French for Tourism

Looking to enhance your career in the tourism industry?

The "French for Tourism" program at Alliance Française is your ticket to success. Our comprehensive program is specifically designed to equip individuals like you with the necessary French language skills to thrive in the tourism industry!

Tailored Training for Tourism

Professionals Our experienced instructors will assess your specific needs and objectives, enabling us to customize the training to suit your requirements. With a strong emphasis on tourism-related vocabulary, industry-specific scenarios, and cultural nuances, our program ensures that you gain the practical skills needed to communicate effectively with French-speaking tourists, colleagues, and clients.

Practical Approach for Real-world Success

To ensure you are well-prepared for the challenges of the tourism industry, our program takes a practical and job-focused approach. Through interactive activities, role plays, and simulations, you will gain hands-on experience in handling real-life situations encountered in the tourism industry. From guiding tourists to managing hotel reservations, our program equips you with the language skills and cultural understanding necessary to deliver exceptional customer experiences and succeed in your professional endeavors.

Globally Recognized Certification

Validating your French language proficiency is essential to advancing your career prospects in the tourism industry. That's why this program offers the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certifications.

Ready to take your career in the tourism industry to new heights?

Enroll in the "French for Tourism" program at Alliance Française today and unlock your full potential. Gain the language skills, cultural competence, and internationally recognized certifications needed to thrive in this dynamic industry

French Diplomas and Certifications

As an authorized examination center for CCIP (Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry) diplomas and certifications, Alliance Française provides you with the chance to obtain the prestigious Diploma in Professional French.

This lifelong diploma demonstrates your language abilities and opens doors to career advancement, promotions, and opportunities to work in French-speaking environments within the tourism industry.

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