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Updated January 2024 

Alliance française d’Arabie Saoudite (AFAS) assumes that the reader has carefully read the document and understands he/she is accepting the below mentioned Terms & Conditions. AFAS may update these Terms & Conditions from time to time and any changes shall be effective immediately. The reader may therefore be aware of the Terms & Conditions in force at the time of his / her own registration. In all matters related to registration, AFAS management’s decision shall be considered last & final.
AFAS may correspond with each duly registered student by way of email or SMS on the email ID/mobile number provided by him / her regarding AFAS courses and /or events.


AFAS offers courses held at our four branches throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh Ar Rabih and Riyad As Safarat, in Jeddah and in Al Khobar, as well as online courses.
Admissions are granted on a first-come-first served basis. One is enrolled after full payment of the tuition fees and, whenever required, purchase and payment of Alliance française books / teaching aids.
Registration and advance payment of full fees before attending any of AFAS courses is compulsory.

At the time of initial registration, all students shall duly fill the application form including mobile number and e-mail ID contacts, either online or at our reception desks.
Once selected, a class or timing option cannot be changed. Classes will run subject to a minimum number of participants. AFAS reserves the right to cancel a class with less than 6 (six) registered students.

Students already familiar with French language are requested to sit for an orientation test (fee applicable) in order to be placed at the correct level. The decision of the teacher assessing the test will be final.
All students must abide by the decisions of AFAS Management. AFAS management reserves the right to cancel admission if any student commits breach of discipline without compensation.


Being a not for profit [non commercial] organisation, Alliance française d’Arabie Saoudite offers services and activities to members only. There are currently two categories of Members, student and member (“Les amis de l’Alliance“). Each membership is valid for twelve months from the date of registration.
Student membership – 200 SAR – This membership entitles to :

  • A one-year access to "AF-Digischool" learning app
  • A variety of French & Arabic courses and workshops, as well as miscellaneous services at all Alliance Française d’Arabie Saoudite branches ;
  • Free unlimited access to Culturethèque, the French online library. Culturethèque gathers more than 220 000 digital resources such as novels, newspapers, movies and documentaries, music, French language educational resources, etc. ;
  • A discounted fee to our cultural activities and events.

Family membership – 400 SAR
As a family,  you may want to support Alliance Française d’Arabie Saoudite activities. You can purchase a family membership for 4 people maximum. 
This membership entitles to :

  • Free unlimited access to Culturethèque, the French online library. Culturethèque gathers more than 220 000 digital resources such as novels, newspapers, movies and documentaries, music, French language educational resources, etc. ;
  • A discounted fee to our cultural activities and events.

Personal information

Personal information provided by registered students may be modified at any time at the student’s request or directly by him/her online on his/ her own AFAS web page. AFAS may exclusively use this information to promote AFAS courses, activities or events. In no circumstances however, AFAS shall transfer this information to any third party.

AFAS Membership card

A digital membership card is delivered upon initial registration. It shall carry a passport size photograph of the holder.

Registration fees for general French language courses

Rates charged for all our courses may vary according to their duration and whether held online or on our premises. They are subject to change without notice. 
College / University students holders of a valid student card shall be entitled to a 15% discount on the above mentioned rates.

Registration fees for tests and exams 

Registration fees for tests and exams are non-refundable. Registration is definitive once registration fees have been paid. 
These fees have to be paid no later than the last day of registration. 

  • All candidates must be 18 and over to register. 
  • A notification will be sent no later than a week before the exam, with the exact date and time of examination. If you have not received anything by then, please email your exam center in KSA. If you are unable to attend because you have not been notified, you will not be entitled to a postponement or a refund. 
  • Dates and times are final and cannot be changed. 
  • Results are sent via email around six weeks after the written exam. 
  • Another email will be sent as soon as your diploma is ready, five to six months after the exam to set up an appointment in order to collect your diploma. 

In case of force majeure (illness, general strike, death of a parent): the candidate must send the appropriate supporting documents (medical certificate, note from transport services stamped and signed, etc.) to direction@af-ksa.org within 24 hours of the first missed exam. If the document is deemed valid, Alliance Française KSA may register the candidate on the next available session. 
Exams can only be deferred once, no matter the motive. 
For disabled candidates or candidates with special needs: the candidate must provide a medical certificate detailing the nature of the disability and the adjustments required for the exam.

The Alliance Française KSA  will provide these adjustments within its available resources. To access the examination room, you must: • Provide a valid proof of ID with photo and signature: national ID card, passport, driver’s license, residence permit. Only originals are accepted. If there is any doubt about the candidate’s identity, a second proof of ID will be asked to support the first one. No refund or deferral will be allowed if the candidate is not able to provide a proof of ID.  • Arrive at the time specified on your notification:

During the exam, you must: 
• Check the validity of the personal information on your exam notification, which will later appear on your diploma. No changes can be made to the candidate’s personal information after the exam;
 • Use only a blue or black ink pen. No pencil allowed apart from when writing on the rough paper; • Use only the material and documents given by the invigilators. Any other document will be considered as fraud; 
• Switch off your phones and electronic devices and leave them when AF KSA team is directing you to. 

Any attempt at fraud will be reported to France Education International. Fraud is punishable by cancellation of the results, withdrawal of the diploma and a ban on taking the diploma/test for 5 years. 

Teaching aids

A set of books, combining one Student’s book and one Exercise Book, shall be purchased separately at each adult classes level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Books purchased are non-refundable. 


Registrations and payments can be made online by debit/credit card or bank transfer or at our desks by debit/credit card, by cash. Outstanding tuition fees shall be settled before attending the course. Registration shall otherwise be cancelled with immediate effect.

Refund policy

AFAS reserves the right to suspend, amend or cancel (a) course(s) at any time. In such event, the user may either accept a transfer to any equivalent – same level – course or seek refund of the paid fees.
Otherwise, once registered, a student shall not be entitled to any refund or credit for the courses he / she has registered for, with the exception of unforeseen circumstances beyond his / her control regarding which the student shall inform AFAS in writing at the earliest. Original copies of documents related to the said circumstances shall be provided.
No fees shall be refunded after the end of the course for which the student had originally registered.

Kindly note :

  • Once sold, books and teaching aids cannot be taken back.
  • Refund shall not apply to Membership fee.


In order to obtain a certificate at the end of each course, a student is required to pass the end of course assessment with not less than 50% marks.


Photocopying of text books is an offence punishable by law. Students will not be allowed in the class with photocopies of the text books.

Online registration Terms & Conditions

AFAS assumes that the reader has carefully read the Terms & Conditions before using the online payment facility and that he/she accept them. Otherwise, he / she shall not use this facility.

All payments are subject to the following conditions:

  • All payments are made in Saudi Riyals (SAR)
  • AFAS shall not accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason.
  • If the card supplier declines payment, AFAS is under no obligation to bring this fact to the user’s attention. If in any doubt, the user should check with his / her bank/credit/debit card supplier whether payment has been deducted from his / her account.
  • In no event shall AFAS be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of use of AFAS online shop, any websites / social networks linked to this shop, or the materials or information contained on any or all such websites/ social networks.
  • The user shall have to bear the compulsory charges that may be levied by the bank and or the government while proceeding with the online payments to seek registration at AFAS courses.
  • AFAS third-party credit/debit card transaction system provider may decline certain types of credit/debit card for online payments. AFAS shall not guarantee that use of AFAS online shop will be compatible with all hardware and software which may be used by users to this site.

Transactions Security

AFAS does not collect or store any card details. The payment process is completed by AFAS Bank secure site, namely FransiGlobal, subsidiary of Saudi Fransi Bank.
AFAS shall not be liable for any failure by the person making payment to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such persons, during the online payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the online payment process.

Authorisation to use photographs and audio-visuals material 

Photographs of our students may be taken periodically and may be used in various communication publications to promote the AF activities. 

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