Date Published: 18 Apr '23

Feeling lonely learning online ?

Online courses have received a lot of attention in recent years. Distance education, also known as “distance learning”, “online education”, or “e-learning”, refers to a teaching approach that allows a person to learn relatively independently and with few limits, whether for medical, professional, or personal reasons.

It is obvious that the benefits of online courses are numerous! They provide more flexibility, adjust to your pace and are quite practical. However, as a student, you might rapidly feel isolated and discouraged…

As a French teacher, here are 3 tips so that you no longer feel alone:

1. Talk to your teacher!

Yes, your teacher is there to teach you French and help you grow, but that is not all! As part of my job, I always ensure that my students are happy with their journey and learning environment. Do you have any questions? Ask for assistance and share your problems! I am confident you will receive helpful answers that will help you overcome this feeling of loneliness through online communities, forums, and networks…

If you are part of a group lesson, I advise you to ask your teacher or create a group yourself on the social network of your preference. This will allow you to share your experiences with your classmates, get out of the course and help each other!

2. Sign up for language exchange websites

There are numerous language exchange apps and websites available online. After completing your profile, you will receive messages in your inbox or via chat. These apps are ideal if you want to meet individuals to chat with in a more friendly setting and meet new people.

3. Get in touch with the Alliance française in your city!

Have you looked at language clubs or cafes in your city or area? They can be found almost everywhere! Furthermore, as cultural institutions, the AFs provide a variety of French-speaking events every month including film screenings, conferences, workshops and other fun activities.

It’s a fantastic way to meet other learners in your situation as well as fluent French speakers! So, what are you waiting for to join us?

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