Date Published: 8 Mar '23

Why you should take a French placement test ?

You usually say  “Je parle un peu français”, you watch series and movie in French with subtitles and you feel you can get some of it ? You learned French at school ? During a year abroad ? You feel that you have some capacities but you are not too sure about your level ? 

Measure your skills with a reliable and accurate test : 

Alliance française placement test is based on the European Framework for languages, that provides an international norm for assessing languages : would you be A1 or A2 ? B1 or B2? 

Link to CECR  

Get a reliable standardized measurement of your language Skills and get a certificate ! 

We will provide a certificate of ability based on CECR levels. 

Our special offer of this month 

Enjoy the online test placement cost of 59 SAR (-61%), on the cobone site 

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