🌴Festival de la Francophonie 2024

March highlights, as it does every year, the French language, the fifth most spoken language in the world.
The 2024 edition of Francophonie Month will once again showcase the richness and diversity of the French language and culture worldwide, celebrated across several cities in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh, Djeddah, AlUla, and Al Khobar will immerse themselves in the Francophone spirit with a series of events spanning from February to April.

On the agenda: artists and works that unveil the diverse perspectives on the world in the realms of music, cinema, gastronomy, and visual arts. 

Among the major events of the Festival de la Francophonie 2024 are the gastronomy festival, a series of Francophone films, sporting events, and music concerts.


🌴Upcoming events

🍿 Francophone Film week 🎬

 🎥 Let’s celebrate the Francophone Film week together on April 21st to 23rd 2024 at the Tuwaiq Garden !
 Explore and watch Francophone movies and master classes during this event ! 

| Posted by Cristina Lopez

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