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This week, the Alliance Française invites you to discover the recipe for the Tropézienne, an iconic dessert from France, made up of a sugar brioche base, filled with a mixture of pastry cream and buttercream!

During this workshop, you will learn to cook this sweet in a friendly and fun atmosphere, and you will go home with your own culinary creation.

Want to impress your loved ones at your next dinners ? Want to enhance your table and delight your guests ? Come and join us to learn the recipe for this delicious cake from the French city of Saint-Tropez !

Throughout the class, our experienced chef will guide you through each step of the recipe, cooking alongside you and addressing any questions or uncertainties you may encounter. By the end of the class, you will have gained the necessary skills to make a Tropézienne on your own. Additionally, you will receive comprehensive recipe cards for future reference.

Did you know?

The Tropézienne was created in the 1950s by Alexandre Micka. Settled in Saint-Tropez as a pastry chef, Mr. Micka was chosen as the film set’s cook for a French movie starring Brigitte Bardot. It was actually Brigitte Bardot herself who suggested the name of this sweet treat.

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